Be the Ultimate Man for Her

Having a successful date is solemnly subject to a man’s ability to blend Modern awareness of societal expectations and old world etiquette. The eventual trump card that makes a lady fall for you and sticks with you requires a personalized approach based on the lady’s personality and her mental and emotional state. Nevertheless the ultimate decider is what you as a man brings to the table. Here are some tips to date a girl.

  1. Always meet somewhere you will feel comfortable

You probably think that you will be a gentleman by allowing her to decide where to meet, but most ladies like to see their man in control. Additionally, women love surprises too. And although dating can be a daunting experience, you can help calm your nerves by planning to meet in a familiar place. This helps you feel more comfortable. Avoid your Saturday night joint, as bumping into your friends could be distracting and she might not spend enough time with you.

  1. Be confident

One of the most important qualities that women look for in a man is confidence. If you are shy, start practicing by talking to different people that you do not know. Or whenever you meet her, always talk about a topic that you are enthusiastic about. She is likely to sense your confidence when you talk passionately about it. Most men are also shy about their physical appearance. Nevertheless, you may not be with a 6-pack or 6ft tall, but it’s more appealing to women when you show that you are comfortable in your skin and you are happy being you!

  1. Treat her nice

Forget the cliché that good guys finish last or that girls want bad boys. Every girl enjoys being treated nicely – not that you should bend over backwards to please her, but simple things like getting the door for her or offering a hand to support her as she gets out of the car. You know those shoes ladies wear are not stable and they will appreciate your understanding that. Just don’t overdo the “niceness.”

  1. Less is more

This time it is not about clothing, it is about time. Don’t prolong your date. When you have just started dating, you are not yet comfortable around each other and so it is best not to spend too much time on a date. Choose an activity that may last a couple of hours. This is why movies are a great choice. What would have been awkward silence is masked by an entertaining movie on screen and after that you just may have something to talk about as you escort her home or if you still have more to talk about then a coffee or light dinner will do. By limiting the time you spend together you leave her wanting more and she will be happy to go out on another date.

  1. Don’t force it

You may think she is the prettiest girl you have ever seen and you just cannot bear the thought of not dating her but truth be told, you need to be compatible for it to succeed if you realize there is just nothing you have in common and none of you seems to be having fun, it is best to just let it go – that is one bad date in your books, move on and find another who will be more suited for you.

Make Her Scream In Pleasure

Just as it is essential for men, it is also essential for ladies to orgasm or reach climax during sex and experience the epitome of pleasure. Nothing, and I mean nothings is quite interesting and satisfying as a watching a lady in all her back arching, low moaning and sheet grabbing glory. But when that “O” proves elusive, as a man you might end up feeling like a askew, and start asking yourself questions about your little man. What on earth could be wrong with it?

This is because most men still believe that penetration is the main way of satisfying a woman in bed. They think that a big penis size, maintaining an erection and thrusting are the most important aspects in this game. But According to research there are thousands of other nerve endings on a woman’s body that are connected to the female orgasm. These nerves make it possible for a woman to climax even without intercourse. Here are some tips on the best way to make a woman come hard.

3 Tips on How to be Better in Bed

  1. Give importance to foreplay

The most important aspect when it comes to lovemaking is foreplay. Intercourse alone cannot lead to an orgasm. Dedicate enough time to foreplay. It is not a marathon race, so do not be in a hurry to go in and get to the end when it is still too early. If you can arouse her in a steady and slow manner, there are high chances that she will last longer in bed and find the lovemaking experience more satisfying and pleasurable. Use your tongue and hands for the same.

This is important if you want her to get an explosive orgasm. Help your woman get aroused with both oral and manual stimulation. For most ladies, oral sex is the king, when it comes to getting aroused, so get into the act early enough before the actual act. Make sure you know all the tricks to put her in the mood. You can use your index finger to stimulate her clit but do not insert it inside. The movements should be circular and gentle. You can also tap it a little. Pay attention to the feedback and both her verbal and non-verbal gestures. Her inviting body and little moans is a sign that you are on the right track. Once she is in the mood, getting into the actual act would be more intimate, fun and satisfying for the two of you.

  1. Licking her thoroughly

The best way to lick a girl’s pussy out with intense pleasure is to lick it entirely with a relaxed and flat tongue in slow movements from the opening to the clitoris. Return back down and repeat this move as you follow her outer and inner labia with one side of the tip of your tongue. Then focus on her vagina’s lips. It is a very simple method but worth beginning with.

Other clit sucking techniques:

-Spread and separate her labia from each other with your fingers and suck each inner lip. You can also kiss the out ones. Whatever you do, do not forget to pay attention on her labia.

-Use the tongue penetration technique. Just stick your tongue out and make it hard and then do similar movements that you usually do when penetrating her. It is a great technique that leaves her clit for a while without attention which in turn builds up more anxiety and anticipation for her.

  1. Fingering her appropriately

If done correctly, fingering is one of the main ways that can lead a woman to an explosive orgasm. You just have to do it well and appropriately. Here are some tips on masturbating a girl by fingering her pussy.

-When going down on a girl with your fingers, never rush for her clit first. Start by moving your fingers slowly along her pussy lips, and play around for a while around her opening. Softly and gently move your hand down her legs. Chiefly, just explore everywhere except her clitoris. There are chances that she will get antsy and move her body, but do not fall for that. Just continue teasing her and build up tension. If you notice she is about to fly off her rocker, head to her clit and in circular and gentle motions rub it. This helps build up enough tension.

-When she finally gets wet and begging, slowly slip your index finger in. Make a “come here” movement with the finger inside her. You can do anything else apart from thrusting your finger in and out of her. In addition to that, avoid your finger coming out completely, and pushing it back immediately, this might hurt her. Just keep it steady and slow and pay attention to what she likes and then focus on them. It won’t be long before you see your woman shriek with a force of female orgasm!

Tips to Date a Girl

You have probably heard many relationship experts say that there is no single key to dating women, because every girl is different, which is true. What is flattering to one girl may repel another one, but that is a chance you must take when you hit the dating scene. Regardless of a lady’s personal preferences, there are certain universal dating rules that might help you land that important second date, and perhaps even a third one. Read on to find out more on tips to date a girl.

Project Confidence

Palpable confidence is one of the most appealing qualities you should have. Women will find you interesting if you have a lot of things going on around you; you have friends, you are involved in various activities, you have long-term goals and you speak your mind.

You can project confidence in different ways. You do not have to be a Hollywood star to attract girls. Just indulge in an activity that shows you at your peak. Something that allows you to shine. Keep in mind that there is a difference between arrogance and confidence. Confident individuals are not only admired for their talent, but also for their humility and grace. If you are confident in yourself, you will rarely find a reason to brag about it.

Be Genuine

Never pretend to be someone that you are not. Intelligent girls will always see through it. Of course there is nothing wrong with researching about a music band the girl likes so that you can chat about it later, but do not pretend you know how to sing unless you are prepared to sing her a song. Just be real, and there will be no reason to lie.

Present Yourself Well

Although different girls have different preferences, do not worry about trying to put on all the trendy outfits. Just dress appropriately and no official wear at a stadium on a weekend, for instance, and do not overdo the cologne. If you go to a party feeling confident and dressed at your best, you are likely to act that way and there is a chance the lady you are trying so hard to impress will easily forget she even has a taste for something else.

Do NOT Dwell Too Much on Her Appearance

Everybody likes being complimented especially when they have really gone out of their way to put on something elegant and look good. However, that should not be the main conversation. Give her a chance to be cuter naturally than the cute heels and dress she is wearing. Also avoid making sex related comments about her appearance. Just stick to tasteful comments about her smile, hair and clothes.

Let Her Feel Free and Comfortable

When you want to ask a girl on a date, it is very essential that she feels free and comfortable being with you. Enjoy her unique qualities and quirks, and never be judgmental. For instance, if you say something critical, it could come out the wrong way and she will close up. Just ask questions and follow them up with positive comments that will let her know you care and listening to what she is saying. You can also joke around.

Shoot Sperm Like a Real Stud

Do women love large cum shots? Surprisingly the answer to that ironic question is YES. Although the rational level of a woman’s mind sometime finds cum loads gross or messy, the shots pushes certain right buttons in her mind. They love it they just don’t say it in public.

You have probably watched some porn movies and wondered how those guys shoot huge cum like that or why some of their dicks are that big? Why can’t I be like that too? Well not to worry because you are not alone. Most men wonder about that and would do anything to shoot like that or have a bigger penis. But can one really shoot sperms like that? Yes, it is possible. You just have to do the right things to ensure your sperm volume is big enough, so that whenever you cum, it actually shoots out instead of dribbling in drops. So if the questions are how can I cum more or how to make my penis bigger and thicker has been lingering on your mind for some time now, here are some tips to apply.

3 Tips on How to be Better in Bed

1. Consume the Right Foods

Eating a lot fatty foods, fried or junk food will not help improve sperm production and count or shoot far when you ejaculate. What you really need is a lot of water and minimal caffeine. Try as much as possible to avoid fried and fatty foods and instead opt for fresh fruits and lots of vegetables. Also go for eggs, dark chocolate, green leafy vegetables, bananas, pumpkins, garlic and walnuts. These foods contain important nutrients that will help boost your reproductive system’s health making you produce loads and loads of sperm and semen. Additionally, vitamins, E, C, A, zinc, folic acid, omega-3 and selenium can also help.

While you can get important nutrients from regular foods, you should also consider taking some supplements. Pick supplements that contain the essential nutrients. Those that have amino acids like L-carnitine and L-arginine are the most appropriate for this job.

You can also take herbs that increase testosterone production and cum volume. Gingko, ginseng, tribulus terrestris and horney goat weed can help increase your size too. They are effective and have been used for centuries to enhance men’s sexual potency.

2. Build Up Your Cum

Have sex or masturbate less often. The main idea here is to give your cum time to build up and become more for some days, so that when you finally orgasm, you will be doing it in a bigger and better way. So for how many days should I avoid cumming? That really depends on your body type. Some guys can shoot far and wide after two or three days while for some it can take more than 5 five days. But there are some also that their ejaculate actually reduces if they avoid ejaculating. So it is something that you will just have to experiment and see how it works depending on your body.

You can also build more cum by trying the stop and go method. It works great if you are not that thirsty or after the first round. It involves pulling out when you are about to ejaculate and then going back in when the feeling fades. It is easy if you are not in a hurry and you can do it as many times as you want. The stops will makes sure enough cum builds up and eventually shoot a big cumshot.

3. Practice Kegels

The longer you stay without coming, the larger and longer your load will be. Practicing kegels will make your muscles strong enough to make you pump for a long time which allows you to build more cum as you delay your ejaculation. Pelvic muscles are those that you use to stop urine flow or the ones you use to halt gassing. Just release and contact the muscles often and you will have control over your orgasm. Additionally, kegel exercises will also help you make your penis bigger and thicker so that you the two of you can enjoy more.

You can also try volume pills. There are many manufacturers of these pills out there that promise to enhance your semen’s volume, help you achieve intense orgasms, have hard erections and ejaculate masses of sperms. Though some are effective, just make sure you pick recommended ones and make sure they are manufactured by reputable companies. Also make sure you read all ingredients of the pills to make sure you are not allergic to some.

Effective Tips on Making Your Cum Taste a Lot Better

A lot of men enjoy oral sex. If you’re planning about it, make sure that your partner enjoys it too. This could be done by making your cum taste a lot better. Majority of women would surely agree that the taste of semen is not that good. With this, it should be the aim of men to improve this taste. You get what you want without making your partner feel awful. The taste of the semen is greatly affected with the food you eat. Semen should be viewed the same as other secretions in the body like sweat and spit. This is why it would usually not taste good. Imagine having it tasted by your partner. To improve its taste, you need to start improving your health. Below are general tips to follow.

Eat Better Foods

It is best that you start eating natural foods and avoid those processed ones. It simply means that you need to say good bye to fast food chains if you are really serious with improving the taste of your cum. Stay away from foods which have a nasty tasting by products through chemicals. It is advisable to learn those foods that could make your semen sweeter.

Become a Vegetarian

Most men would certainly not like this, but being a vegetarian is one of the most effective means of having a tasty cum. There are researches which show men who are vegetarian have semen that tastes better. The rule is to increase vegetables and fruits in your diet. But, see to it that you know the vegetables to avoid for there are also some that could make your cum taste really bad.

Drink Plenty of Water

It is also advisable that you drink more water. The aim of this is to eliminate the toxins in the body. Ideally, you need to drink at least two liters of water a day. The more hydrated the body is, the more capable it is of flushing away toxins and poisons in the body. Water is a proven factor to greatly improve overall health.

Fruit Juices

It is a good practice to drink more fruit juices like pineapple, citrus and cranberry juice. This could help deal with the alkalinity of the semen through making the body’s PH become acidic.

It is certainly good that you have plans of making your cum taste a lot better. This will not only make your partner have better oral sex experience but it could also make them want it more.

Effective Ways to Last Longer In Bed and Make Her Happy

A woman wants his man to last longer in bed. This is definitely a challenge to all men and sadly, this is the reason why men with premature ejaculation problem are very much worried and frustrated. Good thing there are some techniques and practices that you could follow in order to improve your sexual endurance. With this, you will be able to last for about 25-30 minutes in a sexual intercourse.

Prior to having some idea on the techniques to stop ejaculation issues, it is first necessary that you know some of the reasons why men experience this condition. The number one reason is addiction to masturbation and porn. Usually men today especially teenagers masturbate with the sole purpose of quick satisfaction. This might make you feel better but with this, you are training your body to cum quickly. Another reason is inadequate sex experience. If masturbation is done with the right mind set; it could even help you deal with problems on ejaculation. As they say, experience is the best medicine. You need enough sexual experience in order to learn naturally how to last longer in bed.

In order to deal with premature ejaculation, you need to do a certain exercise known as “Kegel Exercises”. There are a lot of men who could testify that these exercises really work so all you have to do is learn how to do it effectively. Some said that with this exercise they were able to last up to 25 minutes in bed. Learn these exercises and make sure you practice it when you have the time. Avoid thinking too much about your PE problem. The more you think about your condition, the higher chance that it would happen. During sex, your thoughts should be on pleasing your partner instead of worrying too much about ejaculating quickly.

Another way of dealing with the problem naturally is to watch the foods you eat. Do your research on foods that could aid you in lasting longer in bed like carrots, cashews, eggs, peanuts and cheese. During sex, if you think that you are about to climax, you could do the pull out and squeeze. You simply have to pull out and squeeze the head of your penis for about 5-10 seconds. This will help a lot lessen the sensation you feel. After doing so, you could go back to business again.

The important thing about dealing with premature ejaculation is your interest to learn the techniques and put it into practice. Definitely, it is possible to beat ejaculation issues provided that you invest time and effort to it.

The following video gives you more tips on how you can last longer in bed so make sure you watch it.